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 1. People in the Street

 2. Song for Milly

 3. Weaving Wings

 4. A Motherless Child

 5. The Road to Paradise

 6. The Things You Long for in Life

 7. Angelina

 8. Clouds Roll By

 9. The Strings from My Heart

 10. Emotionally

I chose for orchestral arrangements because I like all sorts of different instruments. I mean a guitar is just a guitar. I make my own sort or type of music which are just simple songs played on acoustic guitar and I sing my own lyrics. I don’t make rock or blues or Jazz or Latin or country music. I write simple singer songwriter type songs! As I write my own songs I can also hear in my mind the music of different types of instruments that would fit the type of song. At least, I think they do, ha, ha, ha!  I can hear violins in legato or pizzicato. I hear the melancholic and clear sound of the flute. I hear the dark tones  and moods of the double bass. I hear horns, celli, oboe, percussion and all sorts of different instruments. I hear the dreamy sound of a harp and the grand and gracious sound of the grand piano. I imagine how they would work in a song if they are used in the melody of the song I wrote. And exactly in which part or parts of the song they are used and how they would create feelings and emotions. I think in terms of moods like “an etheric floating feeling” or “a dark feeling of intense grieve” or “a joyful happy emotion”. The point is that in a song not only the melody is important but also the lyrics are important. When the lyrics tell a joyful story of happiness and love and the melody is cheerful and happy than it’s important not to use deep dark threatening sounds and tones by double basses but rather clear fast arpeggio’s by a flute or piccolo or a violin. Sometimes the sounds of an accordion can add something to a song.  But everybody has an own personal interpretation I guess. I follow my feelings and emotions rather than my head. I think in terms of pictures and colors and feelings and emotions. Sometimes using a totally unorthodox instrument or sound can just add that little more beauty to a song.  Like an African Marimba or a Japanese flute. I like all types of instruments and not only acoustic instruments. Electric guitars can sound beautiful. And the synthesizer can also produce very nice floating ethereal sounds as if they appear from nowhere and disappear into somewhere and are just floating by for a short period of time. That’s why I am so happy to work with music arranger Ferry Dinkelaar who understands perfectly what I’m trying to express in different parts of a song and who in most cases agrees. But he is honest enough to say if it doesn’t work. Then he says “No it doesn’t work”. My philosophy about music arrangements or in this case orchestral arrangements are simple: the entire end result must be beautiful! No more and no less. I mean, every type of music needs a different type of music arrangement. What works for the blues might not work for country music. What could work for R&B might not work for rock music. But some orchestral arrangements, like with violins and wind instruments could work for many different types of music. And it’s also a matter of personal preference and taste! What I like you might not like. But then again, some orchestral arrangements might appeal to everybody or almost everybody. You just have to “feel” your way to those kind of orchestral arrangements! I just sincerely hope that the end result will be liked by many different people from many different countries from all over the world. Because music is a sentimental and emotional language all humans speak and understand. Music has no boundaries. You create the boundary within yourself.

The links below are for the Dutch song called “Koningin van de mensen ( Queen of all people). In April 2014 links to download sites will be added for my upcoming CD with songs in English.

Via onderstaande download sites kunt u het lied Koningin van de mensen downloaden.

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I am currently moving my audiofiles of my CD Album Ron Lindeman The Story Songs from Ditto Music to TuneCore and so it will take 4 to 7 weeks for some of the

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