Blauwe Pan 10

1317AP Almere

The Netherlands

KvK Number 59780983

A real beautiful stable warm and clear sound.
This guitar you recognize out of thousands.
Really nice to play especially if you play and
sing acoustic songs.
Standard this Martin is delivered without an
electrical element.
You must have heard it to get to know the sound.
Once you have heard that, you find it madly beautiful.
A real grand sound as if you stand inside the nave of an enormous cathedral.
Perhaps that's why Kevin Ryan gave it the name Cathedral.
He builds 6-string versions and 12-string versions.
There are yet other Ryan models such as the Nightingale, the Mission and the Abbey.
The guitars of Ryan are made on order and are not just like that for sale in the shop.
You must run into it when somebody offers it for sale.
Or you must order it directly from Kevin Ryan.
The Kevin Ryan guitars are delivered without an electrical element.
You can have a LR Bags iBeam Active element built in by Ryan himself.
Kevin Ryan also has other types of electrical elements he can build in for you.
Or you can have a luthier build in another type of electrical element.
Another option is to amplify the guitar by means of a good instrument condenser microphone.
It is a dead shame to saw and drill into your guitar just to have a cheap electrical element built in.

Some examples of elements for acoustic guitars:
LR Baggs element active acoustic guitar pickup and preamp system
B Band A5T acoustic guitar sidemount preamp.
DiMarzio DP 138 Virtual acoustic pickup for acoustic guitars
Some acoustic guitars I personally played.
The Santa Cruz DPW (Dreadnought Pre-War)>

I have played a Santa Cruz a few times and I can understand that a lot of artists have chosen that guitar for their performances.
Janis Ian played it for years.
Till recently she ordered a Kevin Ryan ( or I believe she got it as a present from a friend ).
Anyway I believe now she plays a Kevin Ryan guitar during her concerts.
The Lowden F32.>>>
You have to have played it to appreciate the sound.
Clear sound.
Lowden doesn't exist anymore.
In the workshop in Ireland the Avalon guitars
are now made.
The Petros Apple Creek. Very loud! Very Good!
You have to hear it, that’s all I can say.
The Gibson SJ-200 VS.

The Gibson you must like.
Especially with country and western music the Gibsons seem very populair.
But when you play very melodious and sensitive ballads I think you can better play a Martin D-45 because the sound of a Martin D-45 is warmer.
But that is my personal opinion.
Sheryl Crow did an AOL acoustic session once together with 2 guitarists on acoustic guitars, of which one played a Gibson ( I believe a 12-string).
She played a.o. the song "The first cut is the deepest", and that sounded very good with that Gibson.
The Takamine TSV 360 SC.

And you know what they say about Japanese cars .
They look down upon them but Japanese cars are the least in the garage for repairs.
They just make quality.
For the guitars the same counts
This is one of the top-models
The Yamaha CJX 32 >>>>>
Handmade Jumbo except for an electrical element there’s also a condensator-microphone on a swan-neck in the soundboard.
Amplifies the sound in two ways.
This jumbo is bigger than the dreadnought by Takamine I described above.
I once spoke with a luthier who cried it down a bit.
But when I played the guitar I didn't understand why the man cried it down .
The sound is just beautiful.
The Seagull Grand Artist >>
Reasonably priced but a
good sound.
The Seagull is a
Canadian guitar.
The Larrivée D-05 E >>
A good clear sound they have, these Canadian guitars.
If you buy an acoustic guitar ,choose a top-model for those are qualitatively always better than the cheaper models .
That simply has its reflection in the quality of the sound.
At least, that is my own experience.
The Ibanez AW 1500 CE >

A Japanese guitar-factory that usually doesn't make such expensive acoustic guitars.
This is a top-model from Ibanez.
Taylor 814 CE

Just simply good.
A lot of famous guitarists and singer/songwriters play Taylor guitars.
With built-in electrical element.
The 814 is one of the top-models from the series of Taylor.
The Ovation Adamas SMT 1597.

The Ovation guitars were initially made to get the least possible feedback and distortion when amplified.
Initially the American Artist Glenn Campbell played an Ovation that was especially built for him.
He made the Ovation famous.
Nowadays Melissa Etheridge plays the Ovation guitars.
Al di Meola also plays an Ovation.
An Al di Meola signature model has been brought on the market by Ovation.
I once talked to a luthier who told me that the neck of Ovation will bend after a x-number of years because the soundboard is made out of synthetic materials.
I immediately made a phone-call to the European importer who was located in Berlin but they told me it is nonsense.
I have myself a 12-string American Ovation and that sounds good.
But if you play it without amplification the volume is really less than that of other brands with "normal" wooden sound-boards.
A 12-string Taylor or Gibson sound much, much louder un-amplified.
But when you plug the Ovation into a PA it sounds real good.
Loud and clear.
You can turn up the volume without being bothered by feedback or such.
The special Ovation Koa Collector 2006.>>
Made of the Koa wood from Hawaii.
Glen Campbell plays his 12-string signature model.
Melissa Etheridge on a 12-string Ovation  on stage.
Ovation Adamas Melissa Etheridge signature model
Al di Meola on his Ovation signature
Model >> 
Ovation Al di Meola Custom Legend signature model
And last but not least : there so many really world-famous and exclusive guitar-builders or luthiers as they are called that are specialized in building fantastic and exceptionally good acoustic guitars.
Some of their guitars may costs way over 10,000 US dollars or more.
Some names are:  Rozawood, Boaz Elkayam, Jason Kostal,
Howard Klepper , Jim Olson, Irvin Somogyi, Schenk, Doerr, Kathy Wingert, Lauri Williams Tui, etc.
Ervin Somogyi world-famous luthier.
His guitars can be very expensive!
Fantastic sounding guitars!
Jim Olson world-famous luthier.>>
His guitars can be very expensive!
Fantastic sounding guitars!
Olson SJ model
James Taylor plays an Olson guitar!>>
Semi Acoustic Guitars.

Semi-acoustic guitars I like are for example the Gretsch models and the Gibsons, the PRS McCarthy Hollow Body, the Rickenbacker R360, The Heritage H535 Classic, the Gibson Country Gentleman Chet Atkins.
The Gretsch 6120 Golden Anniversary
The Gretsch Nashville 6120 DC
With the Gretsch models you think of Brian Setzer of The Stray Cats and the old Rockers.
But also of Chris Isaak with "Wicked Game".
Brian Setzer and his Gretsch guitar 
<The Paul Reed Smith (PRS) McCarthy Hollow Body
Carlos Santana favors PRS guitars!>
<PRS Santana II model
The Rickenbacker R360>
The Gibson Super 400 CES VS
Very, very beautiful!
Very, very expensive!!!
The Heritage H535 Classic>
The Gibson Country Gentleman Chet Atkins.
I personally like this one very much!
Some of my favourite artists and their
Chet Atkins>
 George Benson>
George Benson Ibanez GB-10
BB King and his Gibson ES 335
BB King Gibson ES 335
Tuck Andress and his Gibson L-5.
He uses a 1953 and a 1949 Gibson L-5 guitar.
Tuck Andress and Patti Cathcart belong to my  absolute favourite artists. >>

Kevin Ryan Grand Cathedral. >>

And the choice of a guitar is always very personal.
The specific tone of a guitar must appeal to you.
If you don't like the sound of a Gibson you may prefer the sound of the Martin D-45.

And sometimes a certain song sounds better if played with a specific type of guitar.
Then there are also professional guitarists who have a guitar built to
their own personal preferences and personal specifications.
Anyway, it's all personal choice!

Personally I like a lot of different types of acoustic guitars.
Most of those guitars I don’t own myself.
I know how they sound because I once happened to play them.
That's all.
But if I were very rich I'd buy a lot of beautiful acoustic guitars.
I've got a lot of different types on my list, believe me!
So the list of names below is just very personal and coincidental and short!
That’s all!

My personal preferences for acoustic guitars are:
Santa Cruz DPw-m or OM-R, Lowden F32 or f S10 , Petros Apple Creek, MartinD-45, Kevin Ryan Grand Cathedral and the Nightingale, Santa Cruz DPW-m or OM-R, and the Gibson SJ-200 VS I also find nice.
So also the Taylor 814 ce.
Or a Takamine TSV360SC LTD2004,  a Yamaha CJX32 or a Seagull Grand Artist  or the Larrivée D-05 E .
<< Kevin Ryan
The Kevin Ryan guitars have my absolute preference.
Kevin Ryan comes from the aircraft industry.
He has invented a special technique for building his guitars.
He builds the Cathedral and the Nightingale for instance with a "bevel" : a slanting edge.
The Martin has my preference because of the beautiful warm timbre and the Kevin Ryan Cathedral because of the sound and the unequalled acoustic properties of that guitar.
If you once played such a guitar then all other guitars decay into lesser gods.

It is just like with cars.
If you are used to chug about in your small Japanese car and all the sudden you come to drive around a while in a big Mercedes S-series,
then it becomes difficult to take place in your own small Japanese car again.
That simply doesn't live up to your expectations anymore.
But that doesn't do away with the fact that your small Japanese car is just a good car.
It has yet become somewhat less you know.
With acoustic guitars it is exactly the same.
With an Ibanez, a Yamaha or a Takamine, or with a Guild or Larrivée you play perfectly and good.
But with a Martin D-45 or a Kevin Ryan you play in the super-league.
<< The Martin D-45.

Acoustic guitars

Acoustic  and semi-acoustic guitars

I like acoustic guitars, that's for sure.
But there are so many different types of acoustic guitars.
They all sound quite different and the sound you like depends on your own personal preferences.
The tone can differ in low, mid and high registers.
There are also baritone guitars, for instance the guitars made by Tacoma.
Tacoma BM6C Thunderhawk baritone guitar.

Some guitars you like and others you don’t.

The sizes differ.
They range from parlour and 000-size to dreadnoughts and grand concert models and jumbo size guitars.
Steelstring acoustic guitar sizes
Steelstring acoustic guitar sizes
Steelstring acoustic guitar sizes
                             Classical guitar sizes
But a smaller guitar doesn’t necessarily sound less louder than a guitar with a bigger body.
It can be pretty misleading.
The woods that are used are from different sorts of trees.
Stock of different sorts of woods as used by a luthier.

Size and different sorts of woods used influence the sound and tone of the guitar.
It’s the secret of the luthier in question.
Like a cook guards his secret ingredients of his famous recipes the skilled luthier has his own secrets how to make an outstanding acoustic guitar.