Blauwe Pan 10

1317AP Almere

The Netherlands

KvK Number 59780983

POW Prisoner of war

POW Epilogue

Dare to feel emotion again,

  Listen to the Music and the words.

This is a blog-style website in which I ventilate my personal opinions about subjects that interest me.

I am a singer-songwriter and painter.

You can watch a couple of videos of some of my songs.

You can read how I think about music, art, writing and contemplation.

You can read about some other subjects and in the future I might add more blog-style pages to my website.

I believe that every human being needs an own independent opinion.

Somebody who says to go through life without any opinions about whatsoever is an empty shell.

Ready to be picked up, stepped upon and crushed or thrown in to the deep ocean of  life.

You have to take a stand in life and express your own personal opinion.

Show the world that you exist and matter on planet earth.

My paintings